RMTAO Membership Helps Your Bottom Line


How does RMTAO membership benefit your bottom line?

RMTAO membership and Professional Liability Insurance is only $54 more than just PLI with another company. You can write off the full $110 membership fee on your taxes. Being an RMTAO member pays off!

Free Marketing

  • Free listing on, the biggest RMT referral site in Ontario
  • Free marketing materials including a poster, presentation and referral letter templates

Exclusive Discounts

  • Member-exclusive discounts on cell phone plans, gym memberships, practice management software, clothing, attractions and much more
  • Savings from 10 50%!

Free Lawyer Consultations

  • Free access to unlimited consultations with a lawyer when you purchase your PLI through the Trisura Portal

These are just some of the practical benefits you have access to as an RMTAO member. In addition to directly helping your bottom line, were also the only group advocating for you. We work with insurance companies to make sure your patients maintain their access to massage therapy services through their benefits packages. We work with the government to make sure massage therapy is included and recognized as primary health care. We work with many other stakeholders to create opportunities for RMTs and make sure that massage therapy is seen as a valuable healthcare option.

For just $54 extra dollars, let us show you what we can do.