The Continuing Education Program

The Continuing Education Program provides education to massage therapists in a variety of hands-on workshops and lecture-based seminars across Ontario. The Continuing Education Program is designed to help massage therapists increase their knowledge base to continuously improve for both their own personal success and for that of the client.

We offer a wide variety of courses across Ontario to meet your personal, professional and educational needs. We continuously update the courses we offer, and with our courses you can obtain CEUs, increase your standards of practice and remain current with a rapidly changing profession.

Competency-based courses are education sessions designed to ensure that massage therapists remain current with respect to the constantly evolving competencies of the profession. They also elevate the standard of care massage therapists provide to their clients. Business courses are designed to provide the skills and support systems necessary to sustain a massage therapy practice in Ontario. Modality based courses are designed to take a more hands-on approach to education, and sessions are designed based on the "in scope" and complementary modalities as identified by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. 

 Why is Continuing Education so Important?

The massage therapists' practice environment is constantly changing in terms of resources, expectations and emerging technologies. Registered Massage Therapists are accountable to the public to promote safe, ethical and competent care throughout their careers and continually acquire competence in their practice.  The public demands assurance of continuing competence from all health professions. The importance of this was underscored by the changes the Government of Ontario made to the Regulated Health Professions Act in 2007.

Continuing competence promotes effective massage therapy, assists in preventing poor practice, and contributes to the quality of practice and best possible client outcomes.   It enables the massage therapist to base their practice on the most recent and strongest evidence necessary to produce high quality client outcomes.  Continuous learning requires Registered Massage Therapists to reflect on their competencies in relation to the changes occurring in society and the health care environment and, as a result, take action to re-educate themselves.

What courses do you offer?

Click here to see what courses we offer in various cities across Ontario. Both members and non-members are welcome to attend our courses, but members receive preferred pricing!