Education Conference 2019

Excellence in Practice
Biopsychosocial Model of Pain
June 1, 2019


Hosted at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre on June 1, 2019, the theme for the RMTAO Education Conference: Excellence in Practice is the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain. The Conference will feature two compelling keynote speakers and a variety of concurrent education sessions. Each participant will be able to customize their learning experience to suit their own needs, choosing from session streams that focus on the three aspects of this model: biological, psychological and social factors.


Defining the Theme: Biopsychosocial Model for Pain

The biopsychosocial model for pain is a multidirectional interaction between physiology, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, culture, and beliefs. How an individual experiences pain is influenced by more than just tissue damage or other factors. The intensity or duration of the pain that an individual experiences is also related to psychological issues such as mood (e.g. depression or anxiety), perceived quality of life, and other emotions. Individual pain perception is also related to social factors, such as the way individuals in the country or culture in which you live deal with pain. Understanding the dynamic interactions between these biological, psychological and social factors will help therapists to better understand the experience of pain.