Patient Stories

Meet the people who have been positively impacted by massage therapy treatment. Whether it reduced their pain, improved their mobility, or helped them get back to doing something they loved, all of these people have been helped by massage therapy. Here are their stories.


Meet Alex

Alex's roller coaster of health issues began with a seizure in 2017, just before his 23rd birthday. His brain was inflamed, and after a myriad of tests he was put on a steroid cycle. He thought the issue was cleared up, but one morning, he woke up with the inability to walk... Read more

Meet Margaret

Margaret, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1994, was able to become much more mobile and independent after starting massage therapy treatment. In 2016, after a year of being particularly sick and just laying around, she felt like all of her... Read more

Meet Laura

Laura first began seeing a massage therapist over 20 years ago to address physical symptoms she was still experiencing from childhood abuse. She viewed massage therapy as an opportunity to release the trauma she was carrying in her body. "It helped me... Read more

Meet Garth

Garth, 75, is able to remain active as a ballroom dancing instructor thanks in part to massage therapy. Garth considers dancing his sport, and like other sports he believes that if you have muscles that are tight and hindering your movement, you need to deal with... Read more

Meet Tracy

When Tracy, 61, first started getting massages over 30 years ago, she viewed them as a luxury that was only for elite people. She tried her first massage after a 2 for 1 deal, and for her they were a way to feel special. It was only after her chiropractor recommended ... Read more

Meet Barbara

As a child in 1954, Barbara contracted polio. Massage therapy helps her deal with the many ramifications of that disease that continue to affect her to this day. She started massage therapy in the hospital as a child as part of her polio treatment, and continued with... Read more

Meet Diane

Diane, 87, and her husband, 94, both find massage therapy essential in keeping up their energy levels and maintaining their mobility and independence as they age. Diane started massage therapy about 10 years ago after a woman, who was visiting the... Read more

Meet Wendy

As a single mom of two kids and working for 34 years in a high stress job in television, Wendy is no stranger to stress. Wendy has since retired from her big-city job, moved up north, and now enjoys a slower pace working in landscape and floral design, but massage... Read more

Meet Tracee

Tracee, 44, started getting massage therapy for help with her hip pain at the suggestion of her chiropractor over 15 years ago. From the first 30 minute treatment, she realized it would be an important part of her health care routine. “I’ve gone through four surgeries... Read more

Meet Nicole

Nicole, who has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 36 years, has been seeing an RMT on a regular basis almost just as long, in part due to the repetitive strain that her job places on her body. As a Dental Hygienist, she has to be hunched over in uncomfortable positions... Read more

Meet Gabor

Gabor, a 44 year old data analyst, had back pain so severe that he was having trouble doing many everyday tasks, like driving and household chores. After several years of suffering, he visited his family doctor who recommended several options for relief. Gabor found... Read more

Meet Karen

Karen first tried massage therapy thirty years ago after a car accident. Karen has been able to remain active in a variety of sports including hiking, biking, canoeing, weight lifting and cross country skiing thanks to her regular massage therapy treatments. She receives... Read more

Meet Carol

Carol, 55, likes to remain active and she relies on massage therapy to help her continue doing what she loves. Her work as a Line Producer for lifestyle television can be stressful. She describes it as something like “herding cats”, and both her active hobbies and regular... Read more