Are you Looking to Hire or Lease Space to an RMT?

The RMTAO offers an online career opportunities service to assist Registered Massage Therapists in finding positions or space available.  

Any individual who wishes to hire an RMT or who has space available to rent to an RMT may add a listing to the service.  You do not have to be a member of the RMTAO to place a listing with us; however, members do receive a discount when purchasing this service, and only members are able to view current career listings. 

Listings are retained for 28 days after posting.  While a listing cannot be renewed, it is possible to re-enter the listing after it has expired if you have not been able to fill the position or rent the space.  If you are re-entering the listing, you will have to pay the same fee again in order for your listing to be re-posted for an additional 28 days. 


The RMTAO charges a fee of $70.63 ($62.50 plus $8.13 HST) for RMTAO members placing a listing and $90.40 ($80.00 + $10.40 HST) for non-members, per listing.  Payment must be received prior to the listing being made available for RMTs to view.  Payment may be made on-line using your Visa or MasterCard or by cheque or money order made payable to the RMTAO.

Add a Listing

To add a listing using the on-line submission form, click here.  Please note, you will be prompted to log on to the website with your username and password.  Please see below for information about becoming a user or obtaining a forgotten username and password.

Add a Listing Now!

If you prefer, you can have your listing added manually by the Association Office.  To proceed manually, please download the form provided below, complete and return it to the RMTAO. 

 Download Career Centre Submission Form  (PDF)

User Information

Previous Users

If are a member or you have previously used this system and posted a position or space available, you will have an existing profile.  Please use your existing profile to post all future listings. Simply use your already established user name and password to access the site as you would normally.  

If you do not recall your user name and password, please return to the home page ( and use the Forgot Username/Password link under the Log On section.

New Users

If you are new to our service, you will need to create a “profile” with the RMTAO in order to add a listing to our service. You do not need to be a member of the RMTAO or an RMT, and creating a profile as a Customer is free of charge. 

Once you have created a profile on the system, you will have a user name and password.  By logging in to the RMTAO Web site, you will be automatically able to add or amend listings in the Career Opportunities Service, by clicking on "Add a Career Opportunity". 


Although you can select multiple regions for your career listing, we ask that you select a maximum of three, that make sense with the location of your practice. Notifications are sent to members based on the regions that they're interested in, so a notification with all regions checked off will not be helpful.

Please indicate either a dollar amount or a percentage for compensation offered, or a dollar amount for rent expected. Even if the specific amount is negotiable , indicating 0$ or 0% is likely to confuse potential applicants and make it less likely that they'll look at your listing. If the amount is negotiable, put down your starting point for the amount, and indicate that it's negotiable using the check box provided. If you are willing to work under a split percentage or charge a set rent, the system requires that you choose one, but you can indicate the possibility of the other in your description. 

It is illegal to discriminate by gender in job advertisements in Canada. If we receive an ad that discriminates by gender such as an add advertising positions for a single gender only, we will not approve it.  

By following these simple steps, your listing is sure to attract the attention of potential employees and/or renters for your space.