Careers If you are an RMT looking for a new or additional practice location or you are a health professional or clinic looking to engage an RMT for your clinic, you have found the place to start your search.


Welcome to the Careers Section

Welcome to the Career Opportunities service of the RMTAO. We make it easy for clinic owners, spas, and others to post jobs for RMTs, and we only make our job postings available to our members. 

Are you looking for a job? If you are a member of the RMTAO, you can browse our RMT positions to find the job that's right for you! 

Are you seeking to add a Registered Massage Therapist to your practice or clinic? The Hire a RMT section provides information about posting in our career opportunities services. Simply, you would have to create an account, and once you've logged in to that account, click on "Add a career opportunity" 

We also provide resources to help people in advancing their careers.  Your MT Career section is designed to guide you through the stages in your career as a Registered Massage Therapist. You will find information on how to prepare for getting a job with interview and resume tips and developing your career with advice on promotion, marketing, contracts, as well as information on starting and operating your own practice. 

Want to advertise to RMTs?

Do you have a product or service available to RMTs and you are trying to reach that market.  The RMTAO offers both Advertising and Sponsorship programs to enable you to reach the market cost effectively.  You can advertise in an RMTAO periodical, on one of our websites, or at one of our events. Read more...

Who can Access the Listings

Listings are accessible as a part of the Basic Membership package offered by the RMTAO.  This means that they are accessible by all members of the Association, including Active, Life, Associate and Student members. If you are posting a listing and are not a member, you will not be able to view any of the other listings. 

Search the Career Opportunity Listings

Placing a Posting

If you are interested in placing  a posting in the Career Opportunities Listing service, please visit the Hire a RMT section of the website (within the Careers Menu).  The fee to post a listing for four weeks is $70.63 tax included for members, and $84.75 tax included for non members. 

Career Opportunties Notification Service

The RMTAO receives many listings for the service each month.  As a result, it is not possible to notify every member.  Instead, the Career Opportunities Service incorporates an automated notification component.  Each Monday morning, the system will notify you about listings added in the areas you have indicated that you would be interested in.  When creating your profile, simply check off the geographical regions in which you are interested and you will begin receiving your notification the following Monday.

Not receiving career listing notifications and want to? Edit Your Profile...