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About Our Secure Server Certificate

The RMTAO has established a secure server for many of the functions within this website, including but not limited to updating personal information, accessing restricted web pages and conducting financial transactions with the Association. 

You will know that you have entered the secure server when your URL becomes https://secure.rmtao.com.


At secure.rmtao.com we use the highest level of SSL encryption currently available to consumers. This ensures the safety and security of your credit card transactions. SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer") basically means that our server and your browser create and agree on an encryption key that will be used only for that particular session. Once established, this key encrypts all communication between our server and your browser.


To add accountability to these security measures, we have a "server certificate" issued to us by RapidSSL. RapidSSL is an SSL certificate authority on the Internet. They are a trusted third party authenticator. The certificate is a way for you to verify that you are really sending your card number to us, and not someone pretending to be us. Only we have that particular certificate.


The truth is, with this kind of encryption and accountability, it's safer to use your credit card online with secure.rmtao.com than it is to use it for mail-order transactions. If you still have concerns, you should review your credit card agreement or call the company that issues your card to ask about its policies regarding liability for fraudulent Internet charges.