Education - Certificate of Excellence The Continuing Education Program is designed to help massage therapists increase their knowledge base to continuously improve for both their own personal success and that of the client.


About the Certificate of Excellence Program

The Certificate of Excellence Program is a new program delivered by the RMTAO.  It recognizes excellence in specific areas from within the competencies of the profession of massage therapy.

The primary objective of the program is to promote highest-quality continuing education programs and to validate the credibility of knowledge of the massage therapist.  Through the COE program, the RMTAO publicly recognizes an advanced knowledge by issuing the prestigious Certificate to individual RMTs that have met the program guidelines.

Earning an RMTAO Certificate of Excellence provides RMTs with confidence in their knowledge and integrity and validation of their role in Ontario's Health Care system.

Current Certificates

Certificate of Excellence in Assessment

The Certificate of Excellence in Assessment is designed to ensure that Massage Therapists remain current with respect to the competencies of assessment as they continue to evolve over time.  This certificate will also help elevate the standard of care Massage Therapists provide to their clients.

The Certificate of Excellence in Assessment promotes effective massage therapy, assists in preventing poor practice, and contributes to the quality of practice and best possible client outcomes.  It enables the Massage Therapist to base their practice on the most recent and strongest evidence necessary to produce quality client outcomes.

To earn the RMTAO's Certificate of Excellence in Assessment, candidates must:

  • Be registered with the CMTO;
  • Be a member of the RMTAO;
  • Complete 10 RMTAO run Assessment courses over a five year period;
  • Pass each course's examination with a minimum of 70%.

Upcoming RMTAO Education Course Offerings

Look for the [COE] after the course name to know if it's an approved Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Course.

This is what some recipients of the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment have had to say about their experience: 

"The process of earning the Certificate of Excellence has given me an excellent anatomy review, improved my clinical reasoning skills and given me many useful techniques and home care exercises."  - Certificate of Excellence Recipient. 

"By glancing at the RMTAO website, it's almost impossible not to find a course of interest," another recipient of the Certificate of Excellence said. "I have taken something from every course and implemented it into my treatments."

Another Certificate of Excellence recipient said - "I have really enjoyed learning from Aaron Rutter. His teaching skills are excellent, his knowledge base is broad, his pedagogy skills make learning fun and rewarding."  

"I believe these courses have greatly contributed to me developing the advanced skills and experience to become a great therapist. As proud as I am having earned this certificate, I am by no means done learning and will continue to take any new courses as long as I continue to practice - which I hope is a very long time." - Certificate of Excellence recipient.