Payment Options

The RMTAO offers Flex-Membership encouraging members to design their own experience by purchasing basic membership and adding any additional programs and/or services they like. The RMTAO does not offer payment plans, the entire amount of membership is due upon purchase. Insurance premiums, other optional programs and enrolment fees are also to be paid in full upon purchase.

RMTAO Membership will be prorated on a half year basis, Professional Liability Insurance Coverage will be prorated on a quarterly basis.

Payment Options

All prices on are quoted in Canadian dollars.  Payment may be made by cash, cheque, money order or credit card.

  • Cash - Cash payments may be made at the RMTAO Office. Please do not mail cash as it is unlikely to make it to the Office.
  • Cheque or Money Order - Payment in Canadian dollars may be made by a personal cheque or a money order that is made payable to "Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario".  These may be dropped off at the RMTAO Office or mailed along with your Enrolment form or web-generated invoice.
  • Credit Card - Payment may also be made with a valid VISA and MasterCard.  We do not accept American Express. All credit card transactions will be processed in Canadian dollars.

Payment for associated services may be made at the RMTAO Office by completing the membership enrolment form and providing us with your credit card number, expiration date, and name of the card holder. A signature is required on the form.  

Online Payments

Payment may also be made on this RMTAO Web site with your credit card. The RMTAO uses a secure server through a third party processing company. No credit card information is retained in the RMTAO office.  All transactions are processed in Canadian dollars.

Need More Information

If you need more information about making payments or your membership fees, please contact the RMTAO Office without hesitation:

Tel:  416-979-2010
Toll Free:  1-800-668-2022
Fax:  416-979-1144