About - Association Contacts The RMTAO is a not-for-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are members of the profession of massage therapy. The day-to-day operations of the Association are managed by a staff of three full time employee and one part-time employee.


Board of Directors

The RMTAO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors whose role it is to provide overall strategic direction to the Association and to monitor the organization's performance towards achieving the strategic goals it has identified. 

The Board is also responsible for setting governing policies for the organization and establishing position statements on matters of importance impacting the profession.

To contact members of the Board of Directors on strategic matters or to let your views be known on issues facing the profession of massage therapy, please e-mail the RMTAO at info@rmtao.com, or write the RMTAO Office.  You may also contact members of the Board of Directors at the e-mail addresses noted below or, if they have made their contact information public, in the RMTAO On-line Member Directory.  All communication sent to the RMTAO Board of Directors are filed by members of the Board with the RMTAO Office in accordance with record retention policies of the organization.

The Members of the 2018 Board of Directors are:


Krystin Bokalo, BAHSc., CAT(C), RMT
Chair of the Board
E-mail:  Board_Chair@rmtao.com

Krystin has been practicing massage therapy since graduating from the Ontario College of Health and Technology in 2009. Before this, she obtained her Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Athletic Therapy from Sheridan College.

Krystin joined the RMTAO in 2009 and has worked at several multidisciplinary clinics in Burlington and Georgetown, which complement her interest in sports injuries. She also has a strong background in insurance, particularly MVAs, and has previously worked with a company that assesses accident benefits claimants.

Darren Nixon, RMT
Vice Chair
E-mail: board_vice_chair@rmtao.com

Darren graduated from Sutherland-Chan in 1997. He started out at a home based clinic, but has been working at Hespeler Chiropractic Clinic since 2000.  He also has a long relationship with the Community Living Association in Cambridge and does regular outcall work for them, treating people with physical and cognitive disabilities. This is something which brings him great professional and personal satisfaction.

Darren joined the provincial association, then known as the OMTA, shortly after graduating. He was involved with the Waterloo Region chapter of RMTs until 2003, serving the last two years as president. Darren has missed being involved in advocacy work and is excited to be involved in a new chapter with the RMTAO.

Victoria Johnson, RMT
E-mail: secretary@rmtao.com

Since entering the profession, Victoria has taken on a teaching role. She has dedicated herself to educating both her clients and the public about the benefits of Massage Therapy. That role has enabled her to provide one-on-one training with current and future Massage Therapy students.

The clinic she works for has many other therapists and Victoria has focused on implementing monthly CEU events there. This allows her colleagues to collaborate in learning and reviewing Massage Techniques while also encouraging teamwork.

Victoria believes that education is an important task for RMTs, and will advocate transparency between the profession and the public. She hopes to bring new ideas and will work hard to be of service to RMT’s across the province.


Jennifer Bloch, RMT

Jennifer Bloch is dedicated to strengthening the credibility of the massage therapy profession. She hit the ground running when shortly after graduating from CCMH she was recognized by the Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools for her case study on Trigger Point Release for post-surgical breast cancer patients. She was also invited to speak at the Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum on the value of research literacy within the profession.

In addition to her advocacy commitment, and her clinical practice, she also offers professional development workshops and one-on-one coaching to health-care practitioners on Professional Networking, Interviewing Skills, and Professional Communication Strategies leveraging the expertise of her previous career in Human Resources.

Jennifer's previous career as a Human Resources Manager provides her with objectivity and expertise in performance management and conducting needs analyses, which would both serve as valuable assets in identifying training and development opportunities for RMTs.

Dan Carell, RMT

Dan is a double graduate of Georgian College, receiving diplomas for environmental Engineering Technology in 2003 and registered Massage Therapy, with honours, in 2010. He began his RMT practice at a chiropractic office in Barrie in 2011, the same time he joined the RMTAO.

Dan's passion is for education and research in the RMT profession. He is the elected Chair of the Georgian College Massage Therapy Advisory Board, which is involved with facilitating the improvement and evolution of the Massage Therapy program.

Outside of the RMT community, Dan has been studying martial arts for over 20 years and is an assistant coach with Olympia Sports Camp.

Tania Hashiguchi, RMT

Tania graduated from Sutherland-Chan in 2002, was registered with the CMTO and joined the RMTAO that same year. Since graduation she has been working in her hometown of Thunder Bay, starting out at a multidisciplinary Chiropractic clinic and currently in a Massage Therapy clinic.

She organized a 10 year reunion for her graduating class in 2012, and after this experience she realized there was a lack of networking in her own region. Since then she has compiled a contact list (email and a Facebook group) of RMTs in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. She holds regular CBN (Community Based Network) meetings where local RMTs can learn about different health care professionals, learn some business building skills and have a chance to discuss anything having to do with the profession or their own practice.

She maintains a primarily deep tissue, sports, treatment based practice and enjoys very specific work. She also has an interest in prenatal massage and teaches infant massage to parents/caregivers.

Jennifer Hewitt, RMT

Jennifer joined the RMTAO in 2005 as a student member. After graduating from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2007 she has been working within a busy rehab setting as well as running a home-based clinic: RMT4HLTH Massage Clinic.

In addition to completing her massage therapy diploma, Jenn has also completed the OBIA brain injury basics course, Tracey Walton’s oncology massage therapy course and received the RMTAO Certificate of Excellence in Assessment.

Jenn is passionate about her field and dedicated to her community. She volunteers time as a member of the Georgian College Massage Therapy Program Advisory Committee and is the coordinator for the Barrie Community Based Network. Jenn is also the instructor of the WSIB portion of the RMTAO course: Insurance Reimbursements for RMTs – a course designed to help RMTs navigate the WSIB system.

Karyn Hughes, BSocSc, RMT

Karyn is the proprietor of three massage clinics and has been a member of the RMTAO since 2001. She teaches at Algonquin College supervising clinical rotations in the outreach program. In addition to working as a RMT, Karyn is a doula, Brownie leader, and most importantly, mother of three.

With three thriving clinics and a busy extracurricular schedule, Karyn has become proficient at time management and organization. She is timely, dedicated and always sees a project through to completion. She is dependable, reliable, and passionate about the issues surrounding Massage Therapy in Canada.

Melanie Levesque (Henry-Hayden), BSc, RMT, MBA

Melanie is a graduate of Centennial College, and has been practicing massage therapy since 2003. She has an undergraduate degree in health studies and post-graduate training in research analysis. She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Melanie runs a home-based massage therapy practice, treating diverse populations of clients with various pathological conditions. Melanie is also employed full-time at Conestoga College, where she manages an Inter-professional team of health professionals that support the curricular activities of Conestoga’s health sciences programs.

Melanie has a passion for healthcare, and her experience in organizational planning, strategy identification, and stakeholder engagement have led to her volunteer position as a board member of Traverse Independence, as well as the RMTAO. Melanie enjoys supporting change initiatives within the context of healthcare, and engaging in strategies that make impactful outcomes. As such, she is excited to work with the amazing and dynamic RMTAO Board of Directors.

Stacey Shipwright, BA(Hons), RMT

Stacey Shipwright graduated from Centennial College’s Massage Therapy program and has been registered with the CMTO since 2008. She currently practices at Hands in Demand providing treatments for the reduction of stress and anxiety, prenatal, rehabilitation and general health maintenance using Swedish massage, acupressure and ultrasound. Stacey is also a part-time teacher in Centennial College’s Massage Therapy program.

Stacey is interested in and participates in massage therapy research. She is the author and co-author of a number of papers including a chapter in the book Massage Therapy: Integrating Research and Practice.

As well as an advanced diploma in Massage Therapy, Stacey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in applied ethics from Trent University. 

Darren T. Stevens, BPHE, MA, RMT

With a strong passion for the profession of massage therapy, Darren is a proud graduate of Centennial College and has been practicing since 2002. Having worked with varsity sports teams and in many other settings, he is always looking for new experiences within the profession. Darren is excited to be involved with the RMTAO Board of Directors and looks forward to learning as much as he can to assist in elevating the profession of Massage Therapy.