Massage Therapy - Your Massage Dollars Massage therapy is not publicly funded by the provincial government in Ontario. Individual clients, either directly, or through an insurance plan, pay for massage therapy services


Understanding Massage Therapy Services and Fees

The Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario (RMTAO) has published this Guideline to assist individuals who receive services from a Registered Massage Therapist in understanding the fee structure and the legal and practice requirements with which massage therapists must comply.

Our hope is that a better informed profession and a better informed public will result in healthier, more productive relationships, and more access for members of the public to the services of an RMT. Not only does this guide provide information on customary fees charged by an RMT, but it also goes through what you can expect in your first appointment. It also describes other issues relating to fees including the regulations regarding receipts, gift certificates, suggestions around how to handle tipping and how cancelled or missed appointments are handled. 

Everyone is invited to download Understanding Massage Therapy Services and Fees in a PDF format. This document is intended for members of the public. For a fee guideline meant for Registered Massage Therapists, members of the profession can click here

 Download Understanding Massage Therapy Services and Fees 2019 (PDF)

For information and reference purposed, the RMTAO has provided the Fee Schedule below.

Fee Schedule 

Appointment/Session Fees

Appointment/Session Duration

Fee (HST excluded)

Fee (HST included)

15 minutes



30 minutes



45 minutes



60 minutes



90 minutes



Ancillary Goods and Services



Assessment or Re-Assessment


Preparing a Report (progress or medical legal reports) 


Discharge Note 


Completion of Forms
(where fees are not stipulated by Government Regulation) 


Verbal Consultation


Review of Records (copying, transfer, or for court testimony) 


Review and Court Preparation Time 


Expert Testimony 


Half-day rate (court appearance, corporate outcalls, labour support) 


Full-day rate (court appearance, corporate outcalls, labour support)


Pre-birth visits to obtain health history, conduct assessment and provide practical support and information, in the course of providing labour support $103.00/hour
Labour support by phone or email (unlimited) no charge
Unlimited support for the duration of labour and around two hours following (half day) $425.00
Unlimited support for the duration of labour and around two hours following (full day) $770.00
Photocopying of Records

at cost

Transfer of Records (by mail or courier)

at cost


at cost


at retail

Kilometres travelled

$0.58 per kilometre

 * For ease of reference, the HST-included approach is used; however, this fee should be adjusted when using a HST-excluded model.