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The RMTAO on Facebook 

The Registered Massage Therapists' Association Facebook group is an active forum where you can instantly connect with your fellow RMTs , and others that have an interest in the RMTAO. Although we continue to update our Community Based Networks, our closed Facebook group provides the opportunity to connect instantly with your fellow RMTs wherever you are. Our Facebook group is open to all RMTs in Ontario and throughout Canada, RMT students, and other stakeholders including other health professionals. Have you requested to join yet? You can engage in knowledge sharing, networking and constructive debate with the growing RMT community in this interactive space. The Facebook group is open to all RMTs, You can post about different techniques and modalities, practice and client advice information and research, and more! 

The RMTAO does not allow posts advertising products or services offered by the RMTAO such as courses or career listings. Any posts advertising career listings or courses will be deleted, as will any post violating any other of our social media guidelines.  For more information on accepted parameters for posting, you can view the RMTAO Facebook Guidelines here:

 Download C11.00 - RMTAO Facebook Group Code of Conduct Policy (PDF)

 Download RMTAO Facebook Community Guidelines (PDF)

We also a have Facebook Page that is open to the general public, where you will find more content from us rather than conversations with your fellow RMTs. We post research, news, updates on our advocacy efforts, and RMTAO program information. Like our page and you will get detailed, timely updates on information that concerns you. 

Connect to @RMTAO on Twitter

RMTAO is not only engaged on Facebook , but is also active on Twitter . In 140 characters or less, we deliver interesting and informative messages to our followers. Want to keep up with the latest news but don't have the time to read lengthy publications? We share tweets related to RMTAO advocacy efforts, news, program updates and research and more. Feel free to mention us on Twitter or retweet us, or favourite some of our tweets, and we'll keep the conversation going!

View the RMTAO on YouTube

The RMTAO YouTube Channel features videos on a number of our courses, including clinical tidbits and other interesting information. Stay tuned for more videos!