2013 Registered Massage Therapist Earnings Survey

In the spring of 2013, the Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario (RMTAO) expressed a need to develop an earnings survey that would be sent to both RMTAO members and non-members in the summer of 2013. The 2013 Survey was meant as a follow up to an earlier earnings survey completed in 2009.

The RMTAO would like to thank the 1131 respondents who participated, as your time and input was necessary in order to provide a resource for data collection. We have provided a snapshot of the 2013 Earnings Survey Results below, and a copy of a more in-depth version is available to RMTAO Members through the RMTAO Strategic Plan webpage.

The data collected by the RMTAO 2013 Earnings Survey will be used in addition to other sources of data, to help update other RMTAO fees and business tools for our members and the profession at large. We welcome RMTs to review the Earnings Survey Snapshot while considering individual regional needs and requirements. The data provided is to be used to compare your own practice types, fees, and earnings and is provided in raw form.

Further analysis will be conducted by the RMTAO and its Board of Directors.

 Download 2013 RMT Earnings Survey Snapshot (PDF)

2013 Registered Massage Therapist Earnings Survey: Results Snapshot

The 2013 Earnings Survey results are quite detailed, as a result, a quick snapshot is provided below. If you are interested in reading more about the 2013 Earnings Survey, please contact the RMTAO directly.

2013 Results:

The average respondent is female, approximately 40 years of age, holds a College diploma, is an RMTAO member, lives in Central Ontario (includes the GTA) and has held their massage therapy certificate for 7-10 years.

  • Average income earned in 2012 was roughly $42,771 (before taxes).
  • The majority of income (roughly 91%) is earned through direct patient care.
  • The vast majority of respondents do not work outside of the practice of massage therapy.
  • Direct patient care income for 2012 averaged $39,163 (before taxes).
  • The average rate per massage is $76.00/hour.
  • The remaining income from massage related services is most frequently earned through clinic management and teaching.
  • Per week, RMTs spend an average of 21 hours on ‘hands-on’, direct patient care.
  • The average volume of patients per week is 19.3.
  • An average of 9.5 hours/week is spent on business activities.
  • An average of 7.5 hours/week is spent on unpaid activities.
  • Just over 50% of respondents indicated that they would like to spend roughly an additional 10 hours on direct patient care.
  • 54% are satisfied with their pay, although they would like to work more hours (as noted above).

Demographic Info:


  • 83% of respondents were females and 17% were male.


The median age of respondents is between 35-45 years old, for an average of 40. 

  • The youngest respondent was 21.
  • The eldest was 62.

Compensation and Working Hours

Gross annual income for the 2012 calendar year from all sources:

  • The average annual income from all sources for RMTs in 2012 is $42,771.00. Note, average means the total value of responses divided by total number of responses.
  • The highest income reported was $220,000.
  • Aside from 0, the lowest income reported was $225.00.

Average hours per week providing direct patient care:

Average volume of patients/week?

  • The average volume of patients seen per week is 19.3.

Average hourly rate per massage?

  • The average hourly rate for massage is $76.00.

How do patients pay for massage therapy services (5 = most frequent, 1= least frequent)?