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RMT Services as a Medical Expense

Many people wonder whether the expenses of a Registered Massage Therapist are an allowable tax expense when filing your annual income tax.   Having consulted with a variety of tax planners and financial advisors, the RMTAO is providing the following Guideline on Tax Deductibility of RMT Expenses.


The Income Tax Act allows for the deduction of fees paid to a “medical practitioner”.  The Act also defines the term medical practitioner and does not specifically include massage therapists but does allow for expenses paid to a “therapist”.  This means that the Act is not clear and it is possible that an expense for a massage therapist can be denied by Canada Revenue Agency.

RMT Expenses Could be an Allowable Expense

When Canada Revenue Agency considers whether an expense is an allowable medical expense, they will consider whether any provincial legislation exists to qualify an individual providing the treatments as a medical practitioner.  This means that in provinces where massage therapists are regulated, it is highly likely that expenses paid in those jurisdictions will be considered an allowable medical expense. 


The experience of many tax and financial planners bears out that Canada Revenue Agency will make different interpretations based on the province of residence of the individual filing their tax return.  Medical expenses for RMTs have typically (but not necessarily always) been allowed in Ontario as the practice of massage therapy is regulated.


The RMTAO recommends that Ontarians continue to use the expenses of a Registered Massage Therapist as a medical expense on their personal income tax return. However, the final arbiter in these cases will be Canada Revenue Agency.


This Guideline has been developed on information provided by and experience of and discussions with several individuals whose credentials include Certified General Accountants, Certified Financial Planners and tax lawyers.  It is a Guideline only and should be considered in that context and in conjunction with appropriate tax and legal advice.

Download this Guideline:

 Download Guideline on RMT Services as Tax Deductions (PDF)