About RMTAO Membership

Our Flexible Approach to Membership

The RMTAO is proud to offer members a flexible approach to association membership and services. Through Flex Membership, you can choose to pay for whatever programs best suit your needs and interests. 

The RMTAO is committed to ensuring that the profession of massage therapy is seen by its key stakeholders as regulated health professionals delivering compassionate care to optimize the health of Ontarians. With the needs of the profession in mind, the RMTAO continues to offer low basic membership rates through our Flex Membership structure.

We also advocate on behalf of the profession to government agencies, insurance companies and other interest groups with the goal to increase public access to RMT services, increase RMT access to other health professionals and regulated health professions at large, and ensure fair regulation of the massage therapy profession. 

Basic Membership (Active and Associate Members) for $110.00 (plus HST)

*Pro-rated fee: $60.00 starting April 1st to September 30th


Join Online Now!

You can join the RMTAO online and once payment is received, gain instant access to all member services.  Insurance will be effective the date payment is received.  You can instantly download your PLI Certificate of coverage to provide as proof to the CMTO.



RMTAO's basic membership fee is only $110.00 per year.  It includes a number of benefits and services including:

  • RMTAO membership certificate
  • An online profile for the general public through RMTFind.com
  • Access to research databases, CINAHL and MEDLINE, which provide high-quality, full-text journal articles on a wide range of topics.  
  • Access to RMTAO Publications (Privacy Toolkit, The Contract Guide, brochures and more)
  • Subscription to Massage Therapy Today: Putting Knowledge into Practice
  • Access to The Learning Curve, the RMTAO Education Program
  • Access to opportunities listed in the Career Centre, with reduced posting fees
  • The opportunity to stay up-to-date with the industry news through 50 issues of The Friday File
  • Find out about local Community Based Networks and join in discussions
  • Various Tools for your Practice including an HST guideline, RMT brand and more. 
  • Tools to grow Your MT Career including resume and interview tips. 
  • Visit the Online Reference Library
  • Access to Point of Sale Program Discounts
  • Access to MT Software Program Discounts 
  • Reduced rate for membership with IN-CAM Research Network
  • Free access to Perkopolis, a members only discount program

Please note that the fee for basic membership is based on a membership year of October 1st to September 30th annually. Membership will start on October 1st or the date payment is made, whichever is later, and end on September 30th. Membership fees are pro-rated after 6 months. 

Membership Your Way with Optional Programs

The benefit of the RMTAO's Flex Membership is that  you get all of the basic benefits of membership, and you are able to add discounted programs and services at any time throughout the year, only paying for the programs that fit with your budget and goals. 

The RMTAO continues to offer a broad variety of programs and services, and we are always looking to add new ones. Add any optional programs you're interested when purchasing your membership by selecting the Flex Membership option, or add them to after you've purchased your membership on the various program pages. 

Optional Programs Available 

The following is a summary of information about all of the RMTAO's Optional Programs. If you would like more detail, please click on the links provided. Members also get access to a 20 percent discount on the IN-CAM research network, which is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research community in Canada generating knowledge through complementary, alternative and integrative medicine/health. Members also have access to Perkopolis, an exclusive service that offers discounts and programs and services including theater, shopping, movies, attractions, travel and more. 

Please note that to ensure that these programs are only available to RMTs, in order to view the linked information, you must first have a profile with RMTAO (there is no fee to set up a profile) and that profile must include a valid e-mail address and valid registration number from the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.  To create a profile, please click on the purple bar at the bottom of this page.

Professional Liability Insurance Provides for $5 million aggregate coverage: $3 million professional liability and $3 million commercial general liability. Coverage for additional modalities is available. Pro-rated quarterly. 
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$94.99 CDN (+PST)  per year

Acupuncture Liability Insurance Provides professional liability insurance coverage for those who include acupuncture as part of their practice. This may only be purchased in junction with the Professional Liability Insurance policy above. This coverage is not sufficient for those practicing as Registered Acupuncturists. Read more about acupuncture insurance. 

$150.00 CDN(+PST)  per year

Ultrasound Liability Insurance Provides professional liability insurance coverage for those who include ultrasound as part of their practice. This may only be purchased in conjunction with the Professional Liability Insurance policy above.

$75.00 CDN (+PST)
per year

Additional RMTFind Listing

Each RMTAO member is entitled to ONE RMTFind.com listing; however, if you have more than one practice location and you wish to advertise them, you can purchase additional listings.  
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$12.00 CDN (+HST) per listing/per year

GoodLife Membership In partnership with GoodLife, the RMTAO is pleased to offer members discounted gym membership. Members may also purchase a second discounted gym membership for their spouse or dependent. 
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$450.00 CDN (+HST)
Prorated quarterly  

Health Benefits Program This program offers members extended health coverage. The fee listed is for enrolment. Additional premiums will be paid to the insurer. Your premiums will be based on your individual needs and circumstances, and you can call the insurer for a no obligation quote. 
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$24.00 CDN (+HST) 
One-time Enrolment Fee

Home and Auto Insurance Program This program provides members with access to home and auto insurance.  For those who run a practice from their home, it may be the only source available to you.  The fee listed is for enrolment.  Additional premiums will be paid to the insurer. 
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$24.00 CDN (+HST)
One-Time Enrolment Fee

Personal Insurance Program Providing insurance coverage which includes personal accident disability insurance (PADI). The fee listed is for enrolment.  Additional premiums will be paid to the insurer. 
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$12.00 CDN (+HST)
Enrolment Fee

Point of Sale Program This program offers members great low rates for point of sale terminals for their practices. The fee listed is for access to the program.  Additional fees for rental of terminals and operating the program may be required. 
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Enrolment Fee Paid by Partner

MT Software Program

This program offers members a great option to meet their massage therapy website and practice management solution needs.
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 Enrolment Fee

TELUS Mobility

This program provides members with access to discounted TELUS Mobility's rate plans and services. 
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$0.00 Enrolment Fee

Why is membership important? 

The RMTAO offers more programming than ever before for all RMTs, and we have continued to focus our efforts on ensuring that there are significant benefits to being a member by offering relevant and current programming.

The RMTAO remains a voluntary professional association of Registered Massage Therapists who are dedicated to the advancement of the profession. Our primary source of funding is through membership dues and it is these dues that allow us to offer the benefits and programming that we do, and in particular, the participate in the advocacy which benefits the full profession. Our recent advocacy efforts involve communication with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, as well as the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, and as a member you will support our advocacy efforts. 

We invite all RMTs to consider membership in the RMTAO. You can join online or download a manual registration form. You can read more about the benefits of membership as well as the top ten reasons to join

Types of Memberships Available

The RMTAO has six types of membership available, including Active Membership, Associate Membership, Student Membership, Retired Membership, Life Membership and Honorary Membership. Each membership type has their own requirements and unique benefits.  Read more...

Benefits of Membership

RMTAO membership provides several key benefits that will help you become a better Massage Therapist. These include discounted insurance programs, publications and resources to help you further your knowledge, tools to improve your practice, options to advance your knowledge and more.  View details...