PROGRAMS - Point of Sale New for 2011, the RMTAO has launched a Point of Sale (POS) program allowing members with access to lower rates on rental of point of sale terminals as well as lower processing rates for debit and credit cards.


About the Point of Sale Program



Are you looking for options to process credit and debit card payments in your practice? The RMTAO is pleased to introduce our Point of Sale program partner, Alliance Merchant Services! Only RMTAO members are eligible for the preferred transaction rates through Alliance Merchant Services. 

Alliance Merchant Services offers businesses across Canada a secure alternative to higher cost and less flexible POS transaction systems. They provide credit and debit card payment terminals and transaction handling services, involving all aspects of POS credit and debit card processing. As our industry changes, Alliance customers also will be equipped to make an easy and affordable transition to Chip and PIN systems. 

Alliance Merchant Services (AMS) has three core values;
1. Ethics – No gimmicks, no surprises or hidden fees, no dual contract/cancellation fee and no rate increases after deployment.
2. Compliance – If our solution is not 100% compliant, we will not sell it. All solutions are PCI & EMV Certified.
3. Cost Reduction – it’s simple, reduce your fees and you increase your profit.

The Credit Card world is becoming more and complex and AMS can help you make sense of it. If you are paying more than 4 cents to process your debit transactions, chances are you are probably paying too much for everything else. Add in a Lifetime Warranty on all hardware, (software upgrades included) and you have a starting point far ahead of competitors. AMS has saved merchants anywhere from $10.00 a month to $3,000.00 a month and almost every amount in between.

If you would like Alliance to help streamline your receivables, please contact us to set up your account today. We look forward to servicing your payment processing needs in the immediate and distant future.

More information about processing credit and debit cards can be found in this guide:   Download Credit Card Processing - The basics (PDF)


Alliance now has a new point of sale device available: the Clover Flex! More information about this device can be found in this guide:   Download Clover Flex Guide (PDF)

Only RMTAO members are eligible for the preferred transaction rates through Alliance Merchant Services.